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Very metal creative campaign drives more sales

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Strategy and Campaign Creative

A change in regulations had led Nuaire to launch a new offering outside of the product range it was known for – meaning a creative marketing approach was needed to raise awareness and generate enquiries.

Communicating safety and reassurance was key to this campaign, but Nuaire were conscious that this could result in communication breakdown through boring, non-engaging creative. So we needed to find an attention-grabbing idea that also carefully balanced effectiveness with the technical subject matter.

Iron man

Nuaire’s metal air bricks help to ensure a good flow of natural ventilation in buildings. Whereas in the past materials such as plastic were permitted for use, recent changes to Building Regulations Approved Document B (fire safety) stipulate that air bricks must now be made of material that meet stricter combustibility criteria, such as metal.

Our challenge was twofold – help to drive awareness for Nuaire as the go-to supplier of metal air bricks, whilst delivering a campaign that avoided the dull, samey creative common to the sector. In other words, win cut through for the product and not get trampled underfoot.

Rock and Roll All Nite

Roll-out of the campaign included:

  • Teasers through social media and email, displaying the staff in full heavy metal makeup and wigs with the tagline ‘only metal will do’ and ‘you should get into metal’. These included clear display of the product to ensure a strong link back to what was being sold.
  • Paid media across targeted industry publications and an ongoing organic social media campaign.
  • Landing page which provided the bridge between the awareness raising creative and product information encouraging people to enquire.
  • A swatch booklet as the air brick came in different colours, which was sent out to architects and installers. The back of these had pictures of the staff with a factual line about the brick e.g. ‘meets fire safety standards from approved document B’ and then the other side had a colour the brick came in which was a nice fun product to engage with.
  • A direct mailer based on an actual vinyl record.
Metal swatch animation

All of the sales team were fully engaged in the campaign and took part in the photography, we developed a number of assets including the colour swatches and album cover.

“We faced a tricky marketing task with this project, as we were launching a product against established players and for a range Nuaire has not typically had relevant product for up until now. Lesniak Swann’s approach was a perfect fit, as we were able to balance technical credibility for an important topic with emotion and humour that allowed us to move ahead of the competition as the “go to” supplier for metal air bricks.”

Joe Lloyd-Allen

Marketing Communications Executive at Nuaire

metal sleeve vinyl animation
Nuaire metal logo

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