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Cadent are dedicated to finding and developing the best ideas on the future role of gas. Their pioneering innovation projects are exploring hydrogen, biogas and future transport options. These exciting programmes can deliver far reaching economic and environmental benefits for everyone; and build the UK’s reputation as a world leader for clean energy skills, engineering and technology.

At Lesniak Swann, we’ve been involved with campaign development for two of these high profile projects: HyNet and HyDeploy. From the initial invitations through to the launch events, we worked closely with Cadent to deliver a raft of communications for customers and stakeholders including informative literature and maps, websites with booking system, animations to explain the projects, display graphics and much more.



HyNet North West is a hydrogen energy and Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) project. The goal of HyNet is to reduce carbon emissions from industry, homes and transport and support economic growth in the North West of England.

Effective communications

Customer facing collateral was required in order to promote the project, inform stakeholders and provide details of the benefits of what it would provide.

The communications included an interactive map detailing the process and future use of hydrogen and CCUS, a large fold out map including a timeline of what HyNet could deliver, bespoke industrial metal display stands and graphics, a visually appealing and informative website and a 2 minute video which aired on BBC news.

Launch events

A launch event was organised in Manchester for corporate stakeholders and government bodies to see information on how the project will roll out across the North West, followed by a further launch at Westminster to members of parliament and other stakeholders.

The invitation to stakeholders was designed to fit with the rest of the communications, and email and postal versions despatched.

Event press packs were provided to all delegates which housed the project report, project overview, fold out map and timeline, along with video books to play the video.



HyDeploy is a pioneering energy trial to establish the potential for blending hydrogen, up to 20%, into the normal gas supply to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. It aims to be the first project in the UK to inject hydrogen into a natural gas network.

It will determine the level of hydrogen which could be used by gas consumers safely and with no changes to their behaviour or existing domestic appliances.

Keele University trial

Subject to Health & Safety Executive approval, the aim is to run a year-long live trial of blended gas starting in 2019.

HyDeploy is being hosted at Keele University in Staffordshire. HyDeploy is funded by Ofgem’s Gas Network Innovation Competition, Cadent and Northern Gas Networks.


Two animations were produced to visually explain the project and take the customer through step-by-step what would happen during the testing process. The animations were put live on the HyDeploy website and also referenced throughout other communications and at the launch event on tablet stands.

Westminster launch event

A launch event was organised in Westminster for corporate stakeholders and government bodies to hear how the project will roll out with a live trial planned in 2019 if approval given from the Health and Safety Executive.

Event press packs were provided to all delegates which housed the project report, project overview, FAQs and biographies of speakers and consortium members, along with informative stand graphics, vox pop background and kitchen set up to show key appliances used in the trial – which also doubled up as a seating area.

“The most enormous and heartfelt thanks to the whole team at Lesniak Swann for delivering a whole raft of great content and in-person support for the launch of our HyNet project. I have been quite the demanding client (ahem…) and they have been nothing but patient and accommodating. Big love guys!”

Louisa Broad | Future of Gas Communications Manager
Cadent Gas

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