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Smart use of content connects with customers not in market

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Creative Campaign

A substantial number of Mammoet’s customers manage major energy and civil engineering projects around the world, meaning there is typically years between purchase requirements – and therefore when they will seek to engage with Mammoet. This presents a challenge for the brand – how can it maintain credible awareness with customers when they’re not in market, so that Mammoet is their first call when they do have a requirement?

They recognised that thought leadership content – providing expert, non-sales led insights on important topics impacting customers – could play a key role in achieving this. The existing Mammoet World print magazine was geared towards this purpose, but was only issued once a year, which meant that for much of the time Mammoet had no thought leadership content to issue through its owned media channels.

The approach

In 2020 Mammoet World went digital, which allowed the brand to issue content in a more timely manner and in a way that supported its other digital marketing activity. But this also meant they needed a supply of regular, high quality stories in order to attract and engage their target audience. That’s where we came in, providing an end-to-end service to ensure the right content was available at the right time.

Our work here starts with discussing topics with the Mammoet team – using our in depth knowledge of the industry to help identify how a certain issue could best be covered, and the narrative needed.

We then work with Mammoet’s experts and third-party topic specialists across the globe to bring out the best possible insights, and develop content to fit.

This all means that Mammoet World’s readers can be sure of useful, readable information rather than marketing fluff – crucial in any market, but especially so when looking to build positive engagement with the likes of senior engineers and logistics specialists.

The results

The high quality content we supply helps to provide ammunition across Mammoet’s marketing channels from PR through to marketing automation.

“At Mammoet, we publish around 100 thought leadership articles and press releases a year, too many to produce all of these by ourselves. To us, Lesniak Swann’s high quality copywriting adds value – more importantly, they know and understand the market of heavy lifting and transport well.”

Jeroen Overduin, Mammoet’s Head of Marketing and Communication

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