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Connecting licensees, retailers and customers around the world in their own language.

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Website Development

With 64 licensees globally, all manufacturing a variety of Michelin Lifestyle products, Michelin wanted to ensure that their brand and products were promoted effectively and consistently online. Initially, Michelin Lifestyle were considering two separate global websites, one to deliver product information to their consumer market and one to support retailers in consistently promoting the MICHELIN brand.

After initial discussions and research into each market place, we suggested that Michelin Lifestyle could deliver everything they needed with one website, which would act as a single point of reference for everything related to Michelin Lifestyle. And so began a journey to deliver a unique website that would uphold Michelin’s values of quality, innovation and performance.

Finding Michelin products faster

Michelin Lifestyle has licensees all over the globe, all operating in various territories, and producing different products. Due to different licensing agreements, different products are available in different countries.

So, for example, in Italy you can buy a casual or work style MICHELIN shoe, but in Spain these aren’t available. In the UK, you can buy a variety of carpet and/or rubber MICHELIN car mats from retailers including Halfords and Tesco, but in Brazil, there is only one style of rubber car mat available to buy.

The solution we designed to manage this diverse range was a proprietary Content Management System that automatically filters and delivers the right content, based on the user’s location. The website automatically identifies where users are globally, and only presents products that are available in their country, based on the license agreements in place. Once users are browsing the product range available in their territory, they are then presented with options of where to buy; both online and in-store, depending on their location. Links to online retailers are in place (where available), connecting.

consumers with products in just a few clicks, and helping them to buy MICHELIN products in the most convenient way possible. Each element of the website is available in several languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German, and relevant language options are presented to users based on their location. For example, users in Italy can choose between Italian, French and English. Users can manually change their country and/or language if they wish to view, for example, the range of products available in another country.

Understanding the scope of products

Many users of the website may be looking for a specific item, and may not be aware that there are other product lines available. A dynamic slider on each page suggests other popular products, highlighting the diversity of products on offer, and drawing users’ attention to new products they may not be aware of.

Elastic search technology presents products that contain a search string but are also related – for example a search for “air” returns results for Air Compressors and also Tyre Inflator Pressure Gauges and Footpumps.

“Lesniak Swann have worked with us for over 12 years and have developed a thorough understanding of the complex nature of our international operations and the products we offer. We trusted them to deliver the best solution possible for us, and the new global website does just that. It works for consumers, retailers, licensees and regional managers, and effectively brings together all of our Michelin Lifestyle products.”

Michaela Burn | Head of Marketing and Communications | Michelin Lifestyle

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