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Helping Crane broaden
its HVAC sales

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Campaign strategy and creation

Valve specialist Crane produces a full range of products for the HVAC industry, but has traditionally been known for just one product type – its general valves. With a new variable model on the market, we needed to ensure HVAC specifiers and contractors were aware of the full range and came to Crane for more than just general valves.

We faced an uphill challenge as Crane’s variable valves were a new addition – so both specifiers (making their selection based primarily on performance) and contractors (more focussed on availability and cost) already had a preferred choice of other variable valve brands. The new valves offered better performance than alternative products, so our campaign needed to leverage this and give a clear reason why people should switch away from their existing go-to brand.

A better choice

Our research into the behaviour of HVAC valve buyers revealed that selecting all valves from one supplier was a preferred option not simply for ease of purchase but also because it simplified ongoing building maintenance. So encouraging a switch to Crane needed to not only communicate the market leading performance of the variable valves, but also the high quality technical support on offer, as well as making good use of the strong brand equity Crane enjoyed in the market – assuring everybody in the purchase decision that this was a smart, reliable choice.

Across the purchase journey

To achieve that feeling of dependability, our creative used the Crane logo itself as a starting point – using existing equity to gain attention and win assurance before the audience had even read the ad. The C of Crane was then used to deliver three different key selling points – “Care” (lifetime / technical support), “Complete (efficient product performance for your projects)” and “Comprehensive (one stop shop)”.

Rolled out across a range of print and digital channels, this was backed by a bespoke landing page that delivered information on further benefits and technical performance, alongside an easy-to-use enquiry form to maximise response rates.

The results

Over 800 leads were tracked on the landing page as a direct result of our activity in print and digital.

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