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Senior B2B Specialist Broadens our Capabilities.

Matt Hicks

We’re delighted to announce that Matt Hicks has joined us as Head of Strategy and Content. Matt has over a decade of experience working in global roles for B2B brands such as Bostik, Bitdefender, Orbia and Mammoet.

A passion of mine is bringing a creative spark to B2B marketing. It’s imperative that brands maintain the technical credibility in how they communicate – but that shouldn’t come at the expense of a human connection with the customer and an engaging value proposition.

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He is experienced across the full modern marketing mix, with his expertise in developing and managing strategies from global level through to local implementation. He was most recently Global Marketing Director at engineered heavy lifting specialist Mammoet, where he led an international marketing team through a major merger with a competitor brand.

He has previously held senior marketing roles in businesses such as Orbia, overseeing the development and delivery of marketing strategy on an international scale, and at Bitdefender he helped to establish ground-breaking social media and digital marketing activity.

Another area of expertise for Matt is PR and content creation; he’s successfully delivered international campaigns that take often complex technical topics to produce engaging, relevant content that acts as a key factor in customer purchase decisions. This has delivered trackable, measurable results in terms of share of voice, leads and sales in sectors ranging from tech to construction to engineering.

“Strong communication has never been more valuable to B2B brands as we have the technology at our fingertips to understand exactly what works and what returns we are achieving. That rational data can now be combined with the emotional impact of great creative ideas to help brands stand out from the competition.”

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