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Date: 14/3/2022

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Introduction to Lesniak Swann

Our vision

To create the region’s most desirable agency.

To be valued by our owners, clients, employees,
partners, suppliers and community.

To have all clients to be able to verbalise
where we add value for them.

To be recognised as consistently delivering
effective work for our clients.

Our purpose

To be the best at building the relationship
between clients and their audiences.

Our values




Our behaviours

To challenge

We approach the work by asking why, often challenging the status quo wherever we believe there is the opportunity of a better outcome for the client. We’re plain speaking and strategic in our work.

No marketing or business bullshit.

Be inquisitive

We’re passionate about finding new thinking, capabilities and ways to solve problems. This drive to find new thinking fuels our creativity.

This is the case across all parts of the business. Creativity is not just for our studio team.

Behave commercially

We are commercially minded – we expect to see a return on investment. We ensure this underpins our work wherever we can.

Dependability is critical to achieving this – we keep our promises and deadlines.

Your immediate team

Jo Holdcroft


Julian Watson


Mark Lesniak


Chelsea Haddon

Account Manager

Alex Swann


Lesniak Swann team
Here for you if you need snacks!
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Jo Holdcroft


Julian Watson


Mark Lesniak


Chelsea Haddon


Alex Swann


The rest of the team

Matt Hicks

Matt Hicks

Head of Strategy and Content


Dan Needham

Senior Account Manager


Shahinur Miah

Account Executive

Jamie Finn

Jamie Finn


Maggie Morrissey

Maggie Morrissey

Senior PR Account Manager

Tammy Barrett

Senior Graphic Designer

Your space…

You will be sat downstairs
next to Jo Holdcroft, a great spot
as it’s near to the tuck shop.

Your first day

On your first day we will introduce you to the team, show you around your new digs and make sure you know exactly where the kettle is. We will help you to get set up and start getting to grips with our systems and processes. The team are here to help you get settled in so you if you have any questions just shout up! Oh and don’t forget to ask Tammy how to get started with Dropbox.

The plan…

1. To be confirmed
2. Lunch
3. To be confirmed

Getting the engines up an running…

We will need you to get set up with the following, don’t worry we will send details accounts and passwords before you start, all relevant links of what you need to download and set up are below. Oh and don’t forget to ask Tammy how to get started with Dropbox, you don’t want to end up like Maggie.

To set up…


To download…

Microsoft Office

Laptop graphic

Intros with...

Your first day

10am, Introduction to Lesniak Swann, What we do – with Alex Swann
11am, Account management – Overview of our work practices and systems – with Jo Holdcroft

The rest of the week

(1hr) Strategy and planning – Matt Hicks
(1hr) PR systems and processes – Maggie Morrissey
(1hr) Overview of accounts managed – Dan Needham

(1hr) Overview of accounts managed. – Chelsea Haddon
(0.5hr) Studio – Meet and greet with studio team. – Mark Lesniak, Julian Watson, Tammy Barrett
(0.5hr)The important bits – run through bank/pay details, sign contract and general HR. – Paula Kemlo

Next steps

Check-in after initial day, week and month.
121s planned in diary.
Targets set.
Development opportunities.
Annual review.

Role of Account Manager

  • Reporting to: Account Director
  • Location: Hybrid – 50% days min. at Festival Park office.
  • Contract type: Permanent contract.
  • Holiday: 25 days in addition to Christmas shut down and bank holidays.
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Client work / Client development

Quality of output

  • Proactively plan, manage and provide input to the delivery of high quality, well-run, profitable projects and initiatives.
  • Develop (or contribute to the development of) clear, simple and inspiring briefs and kick-off meetings.
  • Use ways of working and communicating that support and respect the creative process and contribute to high quality thinking at the start of projects, and high quality executions at the end.
  • Behave confidently and professionally in client meetings and in dealings with senior clients.
  • Write proposals, timing plans, meeting notes and status reports.
  • Listen carefully to clients, manage their expectations and deliver to agreed timings.
  • Run internal project review meetings.
  • Take responsibility for sales and revenue prediction and for monthly billing.
  • Be proactive about planning and organisation so that projects run smoothly and requirements are anticipated ahead of time.


  • Set the basis for building long term client relationships with frequent relevant communication.
  • Establish effective and professional client relationships with counterparts.
  • Actively support the development of new opportunities through delivering the Account Development
  • Plan, to meet growth targets.
  • Identify opportunities for cross selling and extending the relationship.

Business development

Opportunity creation

  • Identify opportunities for new business, based on networking, intelligence gathered from media review
  • Establish a broad professional network among clients and contacts.


  • Prepare new business presentations and proposals under the direction of team leader/client director/creative director.
  • Look for ways to continually improve the way we present our thinking and creativity through best in class presentations.
  • Contribute to the development of new business.


Representing Lesniak Swann

  • Undertake specific research for seminars, articles and conferences when briefed.
  • Ensure that when presenting research we are adding provocative and relevant thought, rather than simply replaying things that will already be familiar to the client.
  • Use LinkedIn to build network and share information, professionally.

Working Together

Personal development

  • Be proactive about personal development.
  • Proactively seek feedback.
  • Take advantage of all training and development opportunities to enhance existing skills and develop new ones
Welcome to the team